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Photography \ OCT 27th 2010

Website Review: Jerry Tremaine’s Photography

Wix Website Reviews Jerry Tremaine Photography

Jerry Tremainep photography website takes a clean a minimal approach, making lots of room for his work and allowing his photos to speak for themselves. The beautiful photos and accurate design do captivate the viewer. For a moment I forgot that I was looking at a screen; instead I was swept into the exotic places showcased on Tremaine’s portfolio. The design is well-suited for a photography website. The only elements on the home page are the photographer’s name and site’s menu. Putting the square shape behind the menu and lowering its transparency allows the menu to pop out while maintaining the effect of a full page photo. Leaving out graphic elements allows the photos to truly to stand out.

Photography website Jerry Tremaine
The home page is a well-selected slideshow that automatically transitions at an even pace, offering a taste of Tremaine’s impressive body of work. The photos’ black background is a correct and well thought out choice: black is the negation of color; it is conservative yet classy; leaving room for personal interpretation and speculation. This is a perfect choice for highlighting one’s work. The website’s color scheme is great: black, white and a delicate touch of yellow. However, the color choices aren’t entirely consistent. The highlighted blue text on the “about” section is an odd choice, making the text appear out of place. Changing the text’s color to yellow would have allowed it to blend in with the design and give it a more accurate and homogenous look. Tremaine divides his photos into subject categories ( People, Animals, Travel, Urban, Nature and Music) using the thumbnail menu. Since his photos don’t specify names, dates or locations, our curiosity is left partly unsatisfied. This makes the viewing experience of this otherwise impressive portfolio a tad frustrating. The “Manage” section on the Wix photo gallery allows you to type in information which can be displayed only when a user clicks to enlarge a photo. This would give the viewer the relevant information and necessary content without interfering with a minimal design choice.

Wix Photography Website Review

The “Contact” section has two purposes: allowing the viewer to get in touch with the service provider and connecting your Web’s Eco system, linking to all your locations on the web. Tremaine provides both his email address and an agency contact as well as a link to his Flickr account. Obviously and mysteriously missing is a Facebook link. Who knows, in this day and age it might be a thought out statement :)

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