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The Truth About Keywords

The Truth About Keywords

Hey Wixaholics! This post will clarify an issue that many users have expressed concern about. Once and for all : What are keywords? Where should they go? How important are they?

Keywords: words or (groups of words) entered into search engines in order to get matching and relevant results.

How do you pick your keywords?

You can make a list of keywords to focus on when you optimize your website. Try and imagine what users would type into Google, to find your type of product or service. Each “keyword” can be 1-4 words long.

There are also several tools that can help you determine the best keywords for your particular website. Google’s Keyword Tool is a free tool that takes into account the popularity and competition of your keywords, so you’re not wasting time and effort competing for a keyword that is so popular you simply will not rank the highest for.

For example, if you’re a boutique consulting company, you won’t rank higher than for the keyword “consulting”. Their website already has a PageRank of 8/10, it’s been around for a long time, and probably has more resources devoted toward marketing than your home office. Better to focus on an achievable goal.

“Meta-tag Keywords” v. Regular Keywords

This is the point of confusion for many new website owners. It is an extremely important distinction to make – and one that many don’t even realize exists. In the Wix website builder, you have your Settings tab, in which you have Site Optimization settings. Here you’ll see a place for you to add your Site Title, Description…and “Keywords”.

This field allows you to enter your meta-tag keywords. They are placed in the HTML header of your web page – and Google doesn’t care that much about them!

Since it’s so easy to just quickly list a bunch of keywords without actually incorporating them into your site’s content, Google announced over a year ago that it has devalued the keyword meta-tag.

Here’s a video of Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Webspam team, explaining:

Does this mean you should ignore this field in your Wix website settings? Certainly not. You might as well include your keywords in the space provided; it doesn’t hurt. But this is not considered an effective form of SEO; you cannot simply throw in a bunch of keywords in your Site Settings, and feel accomplished that you’ve “optimized your website” for keywords. It ain’t that easy.

So where SHOULD you place your keywords?

  • Site Title

  • Description

  • On-page Headers (these are called “Titles” inside the Wix editor)

  • Content

  • Links

Check out this post for a more detailed look at each of these keyword hot-spots.

Key Take-Away: Don’t just plug in your meta-tag keywords and be merry on your way, or you’ll be waiting quite some time for Google-bot to index you for them.

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