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Web Design \ OCT 5th 2010

8 Most Common Usability Mistakes Made by Wix Users

What is Usability?
Simply put, Usability is the ease with which users are able to browse, navigate and find information within your website.

Why Should You Care?
Usability can either make or break a website. If your site’s visitors feel they’re not getting what they came in for; if they’re forced to wait for over a few seconds or cannot instantly understand what you’re offering, they’ll leave your website and never look back.

In order to prevent that, we checked to see what were the most common mistakes made by Wix users. Although every user is unique, common misconceptions and errors are shared by many. If you’re creating a website to promote your business or sell your product, you’d better keep reading.

8 Common Usability Mistakes Made by Wix Users

8 Most Common Usability Mistakes Made by Wix Users
  1. Ignoring mobile – Nowadays, more and more browsing is happening on smartphones and tablets rather than computers. Thankfully, Wix’s new HTML5-based mobile solution makes it easy to publish a version of your site that’s optimized for small screens. Just open the Mobile editor, our tools will generate a mobile-friendly design of your existing site, and you can tweak from there.
  2. Failing to link your logo – In the name of clutter-free layouts, sites around the web are now commonly removing “Home” links from their navigation bars. As a result, users now expect to be able to browse over to site homepages simply by clicking on the site’s logo at the top of the page. Because this has become the standard, you’d be making a big usability mistake to keep your logo non-clickable.
  3. Navigation bar / menu – Website owners often push visitors outside their websites by forgetting to include a simple navigation menu on every page. This is what’s known as a navigation “dead end.” A user who’s forced to repeatedly click on the “back” button to locate information is likely to get frustrated and leave your site quickly.
  4. Website layout – Choose your colors wisely, make text noticeable and links obviously clickable. For best results, create buttons to reinforce where you want your user to click.
  5. Reasonable text size – Have a lot to say but can’t squeeze it all into one page? Choosing a tiny font is not the solution. Don’t make your text smaller than 10 points, or larger than 14. Keep it readable to avoid frustration.
  6. Music – If you’re convinced you want to welcome your visitors with music, please make sure to have an easily accessible “mute” button on every page. But keep in mind that savvy internet users normally view websites featuring auto-playing music as “barbaric.”
  7. Brand description – A very common mistake is not providing a clear description of your service or product. Don’t leave your visitors in the dark. If you have a local business, make sure it’s clear and specify your location, address, etc. This is also a great way to score an extra SEO point!
  8. Intuitive test – Ask a friend to review your website. Websites owners tend to get too involved in their own materials, and there’s nothing like a fresh pair of eye balls to point out mistakes and give you a fresh perspective.

Got more usability tips? We ‘d love to hear them! Our next week’s lesson will target social media and a thorough list of the networks your business can’t live without. Stay tuned!

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