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Web Design \ SEP 11th 2010

Wix Website Review: Lyric’s Journey

Lyric's Journey Homepage

Lyric’s Journey is an invitation to immerse in the works of poet and computer engineer, Teri “Lyric” Green.

The site has an intriguing landing page, revealing little of what’s to come. While this can be problematic in other types of websites, it works very well in the context of a private, artsy flash website. The landing page has an accompanying melody to it (“River Rise” by India Arie) which can be switched off by clicking on the animated speakers at the bottom left of the screen. Most tech savvies will notice this right away, but a slightly more technologically-challenged crowd might require more obvious controls.

The homepage presents one of the poems written by Lyric. It makes sense, since this is a poetry website, but it is already the second page viewed that doesn’t provide any information about the site. Only people who already know Lyric will be able to put the homepage in context. A good solution for this will be adding a tagline to the site’s header, capturing the essence of the site. Adding a title to the poem on the homepage may also help to create a homier environment.

The homepage has a sticker redirecting to an external blog. It would be much better to keep visitors in by integrating the blog into site using Wix’ HTML component. Don’t chase your visitors away unless necessary!

The Bio page is the place where visitors discover the logic behind the site. Lyric’s biography is intriguing. It would have been interesting to learn more about her journey from computer engineering to writing poems.

The Poetry Gallery is the star feature of this website. It is very nicely designed, easy to navigate and allows visitors to get a thorough impression of Lyric’s works. The gallery is divided into themes, which makes browsing intuitive and user-friendly.

Lyric's Journey Poetry Gallery

Lyric’s Journey Poetry Gallery

The Media page has, to this point, one MP3 file of a song by Lyric. Although “Media” is a correct title for this page, it is nevertheless a conservative choice. “Songs”, “Recordings”, “Sound” or a similar title could really jazz up this section. And naturally, adding more songs is very recommended.

As for the Contact page, a few links to personal profiles on Facebook or Twitter will add a personal touch and more opportunities to connect with the artist.

Design wise, this site deserves credit. The dominant color is grey, which sets a certain mood that sits well with the site’s content. The decision to keep a simple design is a great one. Not only does it secure smooth navigation, it also gives the website a classy and mature feel. The photos appearing on the site are a lovely addition. In fact, it may be a good idea to add even more photos and avoid duplicity.

Tiny remark: the site’s footer needs a touch up. It’s currently too wide and the text’s spacing needs to be improved.

To sum up, the design of Lyric’s Journey works well and reflects the site’s content. It is a user-friendly, clear and also interesting to browse website. A few small adjustments will benefit both content and looks, but Teri Green is definitely headed in the right direction.

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