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Inspiration \ SEP 1st 2010

Top 10 International Design Festivals you Should Know About

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We wanted to take a step out of the virtual realm of web design, and give you a sneak peak at what’s going on in design festivals around the world. Hopefully this will fill you with inspiration, as it did for us while we were researching the subject.

“Design” is a word that can be applied to almost anything – interior design, product design, hair design, etc. Our aim is to focus on web design, bringing you some of the festivals and events that are web design focused while including some festivals where web design is just one of the categories presented.

The Future of Web Design
This event is a true tour de force of web design. A three day conference taking place in NYC from November 15th to 17th, giving you an opportunity to experience three intensive days of learning through workshops and conferences covering all aspects of web design and where it’s headed.

One of the most important networking conferences in the European web industry. This year it will take place in Berlin, discussing relevant issues such as brand management, creative tools, consumer power, visual effects and more. This is the only conference where the Internet community and leading brands come together. In addition to brilliant lectures, it also provides you with an exclusive opportunity to schmooze with the speakers and participate in their workshops.

State of Design
This is an amazing Australian design Festival. Its goal is to increase awareness to the significance of design in all aspects of our life. Each year the festival changes its theme and delivers up-to-date showcase of contemporary design.

state of design
The Ed Festival
The 2010 edition of the ED-Festival will take place in Rotterdam from May 27th to 30th . For the fourth consecutive year, ED-Festival brings to life a unique event presenting the best communication design in Europe. Seminars and workshops are held throughout the event, exposing you to all that’s happening in the world of European design.

Taking place in London, one of the world’s design capitals, this festival is a real celebration of local and international design. LDF reflects on design both as a cultural and a commercial phenomenon. The festival is ran in collaboration with the V&A, the world’s largest museums of art and design.

One of the most interesting and innovative web design festivals out there. Have you heard about the Webjam challenge for example? It’s an international 24hr non-stop competition where the best specialists in the industry confront each other. The 2010 festival just ended, but their website is totally worth a visit. And… be sure to catch the WIF2011!

Cardiff Design Festival
If you happen to be in Wales, don’t miss the Cardiff Design Festival, celebrating all aspects of Welsh design as well as web design and online design projects. The festival takes place in October. But they host events throughout the whole year that can appeal to anyone involved with design. Lloniannau!

Cardiif Design Festival

The Capsule SF Design Festival
This is the only indie design festival I’ve heard of, and I’m a big fan! If you’re into the indie design scene or just a design lover, this is the place for you. 130 booths of independent artists and designers that come together to show and sell their work.
The Capsule Design Festival
The Liverpool Design Festival
Presents a varied program which involves leading designers, retailers and national design organizations. Notice their open call for entries- this can be a great platform for you!

The Liverpool Design Festival

Art Futura
This is an excellent multimedia design festival that platforms exclusive international projects and ideas that represent Digital Culture and Creativity. This year the festival will take place this in Buenos Aires. Its activities include conferences, workshops, interactive installations, exhibitions and live performances. Check out their interesting and inspirational website that presents a wide range of multimedia art.

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