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Promote Your Site \ SEP 26th 2010

The Wix Blog Social Marketing Series – Lesson # 3: Meetup

Photo by WebWizzard

Today on the Wix social marketing spot we come face to face with a unique tool that takes the notion of networking to a whole new level – Meetup. This sweet website is a space where people with a common interest, profession or hobby get together online, and then get together offline to discuss shared interests, network, exchange ideas and grow.

Meetup works very simply. The website consists of numerous groups, based on topic and location. For instance, you can search for a web design group in the area of San Diego, California, and choose from more than 20 groups to join. Inside the group, you can participate in forum discussions, leave comments, communicate with other group members, share your ideas and of course, stay tuned to hear about the group’s meetups in real life.

So how can Meetup help you promote yourself?

Targeted and localized. Fitness-related Meetups in Boston

Networking Around The Clock
Through Meetup, you can gain access to two different circles of action. The first is the networking circle, where you come across users who do the same line of work as you or share a common passion by actively participating in groups that you can affiliate with.

There are several advantages to being active in this circle:

  • You get an inside look on the competition and on the relevant working standards in your field. This doesn’t mean you should log into groups and act like a soviet spy. If you take collegiality out of Meetup, there won’t be much left.
  • You can establish yourself as an expert by contributing professional information and assisting group members with useful tips.
  • You hear about job offers, sell or buy equipment for your work, receive answers to your queries or in one word – mingle. Meetup has done marvelous work in proving that mingling is no less important today than it was in a 70’s cocktail party.

Personalized Meetup group

Meeting Up With Potential Clients
All nice and fluffy, but you won’t get very far with the clients by focusing only on your colleagues. And that’s where the real essence of Meetup reveals itself. Contrary to many online communities, the relationship with other site members on Meetup begins with the notion of a real life meeting. This is the second circle of action in Meetup, where you have an opportunity for a face to face encounter with your target market.

Meetup allows you to start a group of your own with the purpose of organizing meetups. Setting up a group includes tasks like choosing a name for the group members (like Wixers, Wixonians or Wixors), which is an incredible method to establish an identity for your followers. You also get to choose key words that will pop up on a search, thus assuring your target market will find you.

But the important part is what happens after they find you. How do you bring them to your Meetup? Keep in mind that these people reached your group because they are interested in what you have to offer, so your event needs to fill their needs and interests. It must offer them an experience they can enjoy and learn from, not a live version of the shopping channel.

What kind of events are we talking about? Check out the following table for a few ideas:

Meetup Group Themes

Possible  Meetups

Beauty consultant
  • Skin care
  • Make Up
  • Beauty Tips
  • Exploring new products you just received from the manufacturer
  • Makeover parties
  • Spa meetup
Bar owner
  • Pub crawls
  • Night life
  • Alcohol
  • Cocktail making courses
  • Live music night
  • Karaoke and Tequila party (some people are into that)
  • Photography
  • Cameras
  • Specific photography field (urban, portrait, etc.)
  • Exhibitions
  • Open sessions
  • photography step by step school

The secret for a successful meetup is to provide the group members with an interesting and exciting real life event. Aggressive promotion is not only a turn off, it may even harm you.

On a final note, it should be said that setting a group on Meetup requires a (rather humble) fee. We wouldn’t recommend a paid service unless we thought it was a fair deal. Joining groups, on the other hand, is free.

And don’t forget to promote your Meetup Group on your Wix site, your Facebook, your Google Buzz and other social channels.

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