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Web Design \ SEP 13th 2010

Design Trends: The Single Page Website

One of the more interesting design trends going on these days is the single page website. To some this may come as a surprise. Why make a website with only one page? Well, designing a single page might seem not worth the effort. However, sometimes a one page site, if designed correctly, can deliver more information than a multi-page site. Not to mention designers can get a whole lot creative when working under a one page constraint.

The One Page Website for Beginners
The single page design is an excellent solution for websites that are just starting off. Even without lots of content, using a single page can get your message across and help you achieve your targets. It also provides a good basis from which your page could evolve into a full multi-page website later on. The relative advantage you get is establishing your web presence from the start, and creating a sense of anticipation and discovery.

The One Page Website As a Design Statement
It’s not only for beginners. Many designers create a single page website as a design statement, having more control over what the visitors see on the site and allowing them to easily view the content and get the full picture at a glance.

Check out this showcase of single page creative, beautiful and inspirational websites:

Tomas Pojeta

Tomas Pojeta Design Portfolio

Visual Box

Visual Box Website


We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles



Edit- Studios

Using Wix to Create a One Page Website

  1. Click on File >> Setting
  2. Choose the “Appearance” tab on the left
  3. Un-check the “Keep Aspect Ratio”
  4. For a long website choose anywhere between 1000-2000 px
  5. You can re-edit the settings at any point

Wix Editor Settings Screen

WIx templates for One Page Websites:

Wix one-page website template

Wix one-page website template 2

Some Basic Tips Before You Start:

  1. The key is to create clear layout
  2. Decide whether your one page will be horizontal or vertical.
  3. Make sure your name and contact info is clear and easy to find, preferably on top
  4. Make sure to write a brief 2-3 sentence bio to personalize your site

Seb-DesignWe Shoot BottlesDesign by Dave


Edit- Studios

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