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Promote Your Site \ AUG 4th 2010

The Wix Blog Social Marketing Series – Lesson # 1: Foursquare

Social Networking Image by WebWizzard

The ‘Post-Publish Syndrome’
As you probably realized already, designing a website is only one part of the process of owning one. The hard work starts once the site is already live, when you understand that a beautiful website without visitors is pretty much like a tree falling in the forest with no one to see or hear it. Sad.

We see it as a part of Wix’ mission to give you a hand at that critical stage. We know very well that work does not end when you hit the Publish button and we want to prepare you for the morning after.

Introducing the Wix Web Design Blog Social Marketing Series
The main challenge you’ll be facing once publishing a website is getting traffic, or more specifically, getting relevant and targeted traffic. One of the most efficient ways to do this nowadays is by using social marketing (Click here for Social Media in Plain English).

We intend to use the Wix Blog to give you heads up about noteworthy trends in the social marketing scene and also explain how you can use them to promote your Wix site and your business.

Let’s kick it off with a recommendation to check out Foursquare.

Foursquare: A Location-Based Social Network

Foursquare- Location based Social Network

This social marketing tool is a bit atypical since it’s basically a mobile feature and not a classic web thing. Nevertheless, it has great potential to gain awareness within your target market.

This is how it works: Foursquare allows users to explore their surroundings with their mobile by sharing info about restaurants, stores, parks and so on. The users review different spots that they visit and create an interactive map that aspires to maximize the urban experience.

But Foursquare also appeals to business owners by offering them to be a part of the network and interacting with the users who visit them. Returning customers, for instance, are called “Mayors” and they may receive rewards as well as glory. Foursquare users are also offered special deals that materialize only when they arrive to the spot. You can promote your cooperation with Foursquare on your Wix site as an incentive to get visitors to become clients. Of course, Foursquare users that like what you do will notify their network of friends about it.

Foursquare doesn’t work for any kind of business, but shops, galleries, clubs, cafes and the likes have a lot to benefit from such a friendship. If you wish to give Foursquare a chance, we’d love it if you follow up on the social networking spirit and share your experiences here on the blog.

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