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Google & SEO \ AUG 23rd 2010

Real Results After 7 Weeks of SEO

Welcome to the Wix SEO Clinic. We take real users’ Flash websites made with Wix and improve their search-ability in Google.

Wix SEO Clinic is Here to help!

If you are new to the Wix SEO Clinic, you might want to first check out our earlier “sessions” before reading this post (Introducing the Wix SEO Clinic & How SEO Nursed Wix Websites Back to Health). Otherwise, read on for some heartwarming recovery stories – straight from the bedsides of real SEO patients!

Case Study # 1: Blaine Photographers

  • Main keyword = “California wedding photographers”
  • Google rank before SEO: 650
  • Google rank after 5 weeks of SEO: 49
  • Google rank after 7 weeks of SEO: 7 (!!!)

Score! Consider this a perfect example of successful, organic SEO. A couple of months ago, Blaine Photography was buried deep within the black hole of Google (try, the bottom of page 64!). Now, this husband-wife team enjoys a spot on the very 1st page of Google search results for their main keyword, California wedding photographers.  Talk about high visibility!

Wix SEO Clinic: New-Jersey-Wedding-Photographer

Case Study # 2: Jaime Miller Photography

  • Main keyword = “New Jersey wedding photographer”
  • Google rank before SEO: 350
  • Google rank after 5 weeks of SEO: 70
  • Google rank after 7 weeks of SEO: 11

Top of 2nd page Google results!? Not too shabby. If this wedding photographer continues her SEO efforts (see “No Check-Out” below), moving up a measly 1 rank to achieve a spot on the 1st page of results is definitely feasible.

Case Study # 3: Studio 48

  • Main keyword = “Minnesota wedding photographer”
  • Google rank before SEO: 150
  • Google rank after 5 weeks of SEO: 25
  • Google rank after 7 weeks of SEO: 5 (!!!)

If you’re getting married in Minnesota, the chances of you getting exposed to Studio 48 is pretty darn high. With a ranking like this, it’s pretty safe to say that Studio 48 has experienced a very successful SEO treatment.

Google Position for Minnesota Wedding Photographer

No Check-Out

There is no such thing as “checking-out” of an SEO effort. There are new sites popping up all the time, so in order to secure your place at the top, you need to maintain your site’s SEO. Refresh your content, add new pages and continue your link-building campaign. Wix’ free website builder makes it easy to keep your site’s content fresh without going through programming hoops.

Takeaway Messages

Using these inspirational success stories to encourage you on your own path to SEO success. Remember:

  1. Keywords are called that for a reason. Make a list of yours in the beginning, and stick to it.
  2. Get good backlinks. It’s all about “who you know” when it comes to getting your foot in the door. Having a link to your site from a popular, reputable source is great. Having that link use anchor text with your keywords is like gold.
  3. There’s no check-out of SEO. Just because you’ve achieved 1st page ranking doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax
  4. Be patient. You saw that it took our case studies weeks to get the results they have today. It can take months for a new website to get noticed by Google at all. But as long as you make all the necessary efforts, you will observe real results.

Good Luck!


Wix SEO Clinic Staff

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