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Plan your Wedding in Style with a Personal Wix Website!

Plan your Wedding in Style with a Personal Wix Website!

Congratulations! You finally decided to tie the knot and settle down. Whether you’re marrying your high school sweetheart or the milkman, a wedding is an event that naturally involves some stress. From creating a seating plan to deciding between walnuts and sugar glazed pecans, wedding preparations can be a pretty overwhelming ordeal. The thing is, they don’t have to be.

Have you ever considered taking your wedding online? Creating a dedicated Wix flash website for your wedding can not only save you unnecessary stress but also give your wedding guests something to talk about for weeks to come.

Here’s how a Wix site can save you time and money:

  • RVSP online

  • Customized menu selection forms

  • Driving instructions and a Google map

  • Online wedding gifts wish list

  • Upload documents: seating plans, parking arrangements

  • Creating a poll / Asking your guests for feedback

  • Short bios & photos of groom, bride and key guests

  • Music playlists with memorable songs

Another huge advantage that comes with taking your event online is that your guests can visit your website during – or – post event and:

  • Sign the guest book

  • Add their own photos to the photo galleries

  • Post outrageous comments to photos and videos

These social options are not only great fun – they also keep your guests in the mood and in touch with each other for a few more days after the event.


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