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Web Design \ AUG 29th 2010

Plan your Wedding in Style with a Personal Wix Website!

Congratulations! You finally decided to tie the knot and settle down. Whether you’re marrying your high school sweetheart or the milkman, a wedding is an event that naturally involves some stress. From creating a seating plan to deciding between walnuts and sugar glazed pecans, wedding preparations can be a pretty overwhelming ordeal. The thing is, they don’t have to be.

Have you ever considered taking your wedding online?
Creating a dedicated Wix flash website for your wedding can not only save you unnecessary stress but also give your wedding guests something to talk about for weeks to come.

Here’s how a Wix site can save you time and money:

  • RVSP online
  • Customized menu selection forms
  • Driving instructions and a Google map
  • Online wedding gifts wish list
  • Upload documents: seating plans, parking arrangements
  • Creating a poll / Asking your guests for feedback
  • Short bios & photos of groom, bride and key guests
  • Music playlists with memorable songs

Another huge advantage that comes with taking your event online is that your guests can visit your website during – or – post event and:

  • Sign the guest book
  • Add their own photos to the photo galleries
  • Post outrageous comments to photos and videos

These social options are not only great fun – they also keep your guests in the mood and in touch with each other for a few more days after the event.

Wix Wedding Stories

Vivian’s and Albert’s website:
After my fiancé and I decided to get married, we wanted to have a way to share our pictures, videos, and wedding details with all of our friends and family. Our friends
and relatives speak English and Chinese and live all over the world, so we felt that a website would be a perfect way to share the joy of our engagement and keep everyone up to date… and also give our guests a way to RSVP to our wedding invitations.
The site really reflects our personalities and our unique history together. Sending our friends and family the link to our Wix.com wedding website gives them a single entry point to all that we want to share with them.


Anne’s and Aaron’s website:

Our daughter is getting married and we needed a way to let her guests get information. We decided a Wix site would be a creative, fun, doable, and up-to-date way to say all she and her fiancé wanted to say to their guests! Wix gave them the opportunity to build a site that not only allowed guests to get information-but let them meet the bridal party, find maps to events, view pictures of the couple, read about the couple, RSVP online, view a fun video, and take surveys! Also, it allows a bride and groom to be “green”; they don’t need to mail out hundreds of RSVP cards, maps, et…just one invitation with the site address on it! Lots of trees saved-and postage too!

Not only weddings can benefit from going online – family reunions, engagement and going away parties, hen nights and baby showers can all be easily worked into fantastic interactive websites.

Get inspired! See remarkable special events websites on our Explore page under ‘Events’ and ‘PR media.’ Enjoy your exploration…and Mazal-Tov!

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