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Promote Your Site \ AUG 19th 2010

6 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners (We Will Never Call you Dummies!)

Google SpiderIf your website is out there but cannot be found on Google – Does it really exist? Much like the tree-falling-in-a-forest zen riddle, this question troubles lots of people, who do their best to optimize their websites to get more visitors.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method by which you make small alterations to your website’s content, in order to make it rank higher on search engines results. Some of these alterations are minor and pretty easy to make. There are lots of ways for you to optimize your site, for free. Here are some great tips for SEO beginners:

Key Words
Ask yourself what people write in their search window when looking for the services you supply. After coming up with a list of key words and phrases, weave them into your content. Use them in your Title and meta description tags. If possible, use them in your URL. Consider tattooing your keywords somewhere. That’s how important they are.

This is what an internet users first notice on Google. Title tags tell both users and search engines what any particular web page is about. Some SEO experts cite this as the # 1 tactic in SEO, and thankfully – Wix makes title tags easy to implement:
1.Click on the “Settings” button on top of your editor.
2. Go to the Site Optimization section.
3. Make sure that your homepage title includes your keywords: website’s/ business’ name,
industry / niche, location.

Meta Description
A meta description is the short summary of a website found under the headline on the search result screen (Google calls it “a snippet”). This tag gives search engines a summary of what the page is about – and users can see it as well – so you want to make it as helpful as possible. Include a short (max 200 characters) description of your website or business here. You can find this tag just below the “Title” window, under “Settings”. Use Keywords!

Choose a Friendly URL
Choose your URL wisely. Although “reallygoodphotographerinboston.com” might seem to be a good choice, long URLs normally intimidate visitors. Try to make your URL as memorable as possible for users AND search engines. If you can include a keyword – great.

Content is Key
The best advice we can give you is to make your own website useful and compelling. Always remember you are writing for users – not robots like Google. The thing is, Google actually cares about the quality of your content as well, and can penalize sites for bad spelling and grammar as well as for “duplicate content”.

Anchor Text
Anchor text is the clickable text that links to either a different page on your website, or an external URL on the web. Make sure your anchor text includes relevant keywords and phrases.
For instance, say you’re a wedding caterer in Boston. Phrases like “affordable catering in Boston” will do more for your site’s SEO than “crabs in ginger sauce”. If you can get other sites to link back to your website – this is best. It’s also tricky.

Following these tips will help you maximize your website presence via search engines. On our next posts we’ll share a few SEO case studies and give you more tips on making your website attractive and visible to search engines. Stay tuned!

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