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Web Design \ JUL 16th 2010

Spice Up & Add Some Character To Your Photography Website

Waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear can sometimes raise the philosophical question of who am I? Maybe a Gothic queen? Or perhaps a hard core rock star? In city life we walk down the street each with our chosen personality, having only a few seconds to decode other people’s appearance. We have so much stimulation around us, the shops, the people, traffic… So what pulls our eye? What is it that makes one thing noticeable over the other?


The web is a similar ground. You need to get people’s attention in a split second.

Giving your photography website a twist, an edge, just a small detail can make all the difference. The character of your website is not about keeping up with the latest design trends but about the way your visitor feels when browsing it. Unlike your fashion sense that is subject to mood swings, choosing a character when designing your photography website has a far more structured logic. The question to be asked is who is your target audience? What is their world view? What is the message you want to convey?

Character Means Texture


Texture is one of the basic design elements, and the use of texture, along with other design elements, can convey a variety of messages and emotions.So who do you want to be? Some examples of ‘talking textures’ are grunge, neon, business, chill, cut out, artsy… the list goes on and on.

Check out these great websites, as they use a wide range of textures, each to send a different message. Imagine how the character of the websites would change by simply replacing the background texture.

How to Incorporate Texture When Creating a Website with Wix
Adding texture to your Wix photography site can turn it into a visually stunning and eye catching website. It gives the design the feeling of a surface. In Web de
sign, texture is visual, but it provides the illusion of physical texture. Texture in Web design can be used in many ways: backgrounds, emphasis and stylized designs like engravings or etchings. The most common way to incorporate texture into Web designs is using a background image.
  1. Click on “Page”>> “Backgrounds” and browse for the image that fits your needs
  2. Optimize your search by clicking on “texture” on the right hand side of the gallery
  3. Another option is to upload your own texture
  4. When using your own photo, go to “Arrange” >> “Set as background”. This will lock your image in the last layer. To unlock simply click on the red lock image on the left.
Since text is an important part of the website design make sure it doesn’t get lost in the texture. An easy way to avoid this is by creating a “block layer”.
  1. “Clip Art” >> “Shapes”
  2. Place the shape between the text and the background
  3. Click “Setting” and decrease its transparency to incorporate the “block layer” into your design.
  4. Another option is clicking on “page parts” >> “Page Center”.
Here is an example of simple wix website templates that were spiced up and upgraded by simply adding texture to the background.

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