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Promote Your Site \ JUL 27th 2010

Freemium 101: Can Small Businesses Give it for Free ?

Freemium The Future of Radical Price

According to the ‘Freemium’ business model, not only can you give something for free, but most businesses you know have already done so in one form or another, and so have you!

The Big Challenge
‘Freemium’ is a business model that works by offering basic services or products for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features.

The big challenge with Freemium for any business is mainly this:
Deciding what to charge for – and what to leave free. Or more accurately – When does

Free stop and Premium start?

In the Wix freemium business model, you get to use countless features and design possibilities for free, and you pay for a few features like the ‘connect your domain’ or ‘use Ecom store’ only when you need them.

How is ‘Freemium’ Relevant to your Small Business?
Chris Anderson, ‘Wired’ magazine’s editor-in-chief, wrote a wonderful book about the Freemium model – Free: The Future of a Radical Price.

His book makes a great and relevant read, is packed with useful tips and advice to small business owners, and now, you can listen and learn from it – for Free- on Chris’ Wix website.

We would like to thank Chris Anderson for his generous contribution to the Wix community.

Please let us know how you liked the book and what other info can we provide you with to help you grow your business. Just so you know, dropping a comment is 100% free : )

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