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Web Design \ JUL 7th 2010

Designing a website? Create an Online Presence Using the Link Manager

Link Manager

The Internet, the web, is literally like a spider web. Connecting millions of people to those who share their interests and passions. Within this system your goal is to create your own spider web, and connect your viewers to it. Meaning: linking all your internet pages together and creating your own network that YOU control.

Within this spider web you create, your goal is to get the viewers to circulate through it. Setting up and designing a website, with your own domain, is a crucial first step in creating a solid web presence. It is your home base, you mother ship. Through it you give your viewers the possibility to spread through your spider-web. A contact option through your email, as well as links to all the pages you have on the web, whether these are social networks, articles written about you or projects you participate in is a good start.

The Wix Link Box
The Link Box will help you organize and control your web presence. It enables you to:

  1. Link to external WebPages (such as social networks)
  2. Link graphics or text elements to pages inside your website
  3. Link to an email
  4. Link to media(galleries, music) within your website

How to Create a Link

  1. You can connect a Link to any graphic element, text or picture
  2. Under “clip art”, there’s an “icon” option which you might find useful for creating links
  3. Click “Link” on the bottom menu, click the “advanced” tab  on the left to show you all your options
  4. Navigate through the five tabs to choose the link option you’d like to use
  5. To delete a link you created click on the small X on the left box, or choose “clear all” on the bottom left

Notice how Marnie Alton web design placed her links on a separate icon menu on her home page, luring her viewers into her “spider-Web”… Great job, Marnie!

Advanced Design Tip: Use links to create your own buttons!

If you’d like to spice your design by designing your own customized button for your mini page or gallery, the link box is just the tool for you.
After building your website, and creating a Mini Page or gallery:

  1. Choose the graphic element that you’d like to turn into a button
  2. Click on “Link” on the  bottom menu, and choose the “advanced” tab
  3. Click on “Next-Previous” and click on “Select”
  4. A new box will pop up with a list of all your gallery and mini pages. Choose the relevant one.
  5. On top of the Box choose whether you’d like the button to send to the “next page” or the “previous page” in your Mini Page/Gallery. Click OK.

Now you can Link Away!

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