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Photography \ JUL 30th 2010

6 Must Have Online Photography Tools You Should Bookmark

Traditionally, the photographer is a person who feels most at home in the studio, the dark room or on location. Nowadays, the image of the photographer just looking through the lens and getting that perfect shot has altered. The camera is not enough anymore, you gotta know your way around the computer. We can sigh with nostalgia and think about the good ol’ times, but the truth is that technology provides us with amazing opportunities, so why not grab them?
You’ve already discovered Wix as a radical tool to exhibit, distribute and promote your photography work online with your own photography website, but there are many more neat stuff on the internet that can make a photographer’s day simply easier. Check out the following recommendations that we’ve gathered for you (this is just a taste. We promise to keep adding more and more!):
Find A Model
6 Must Have Online Photography Tools ModelMayhem

The thing is with models, that almost anyone on the face of the planet would like to think of themselves as such. How do you find a real model, then? Model Mayhem is a social network that connects photographers and models. You can login to search someone in your area and even narrow down your search according to a specific profile.

Sure, you will come across some profiles of people who should not step in front of a camera, but there are many profiles of experienced and serious models with a decent portfolio.
DIY Photography
6 Must Have Online Photography Tools DIY Photography

A wonderful blog that opens up a world of possibilities and can even save you some money. You can read instructions on how to attach SLR lenses to your iPhone or how to create a digital Holga cam. You can read tutorials on how to capture superb shots like this one. You can also share your own tricks with the readers and start a trend. A very educating experience.

Cameras’ News and Reviews

6 Must Have Online Photography Tools Digital Photography Review

You know the next camera you buy will not be a spontaneous purchase, right? It will be meticulously planned, following a thorough research, in which every photographer takes great pleasure. One critical stop you need to do during the research is Digital Photography Review, where you can read the latest news, compare models and get important advice.

The “Camera Feature Search” and the “Side By Side Comparison” are especially helpful for professionals that know what they need.
Calculate The Sun’s Position
6 Must Have Online Photography Tools The Photographer's Ephemeris

Ok, so this is not a traditional online tool, since it requires downloading. There are online equivalences and this one is by far the best, so it’s worth an installation (plus, the iPhone app is a real treat).

We’re talking about The Photographer’s Ephemeris – a flash program designed by Stephen Trainor to help you plan the perfect outdoor photo shoot. It determines sunrises, sunsets, moonrises and moonsets, as well as their azimuths, according to specific times and locations. You just enter your destination and date of choice and get the data you need.
Don’t let Mother Nature catch you unprepared!
6 Must Have Online Photography Tools JPG Photography Community

There are countless internet sites that publish tons of beautiful shots on a daily basis. JPG Mag is just one example of how professional photographers who share their work online create amazing communities, but it’s an especially good one since the photos there are really impressive.

The pics are organized by themes but are also searchable and ratable. In addition to the great visuals, the site also offers news articles and interesting posts submitted by the users. Of course, the online preview of the JPG Mag is an exciting feature (though they should just upload the entire thing. It’s 2010 already).
Warning – browsing this site is addictive. It will, however, do you only good.
Post-Processing Video Tutorials
6 Must Have Online Photography Tools Photo Walkthrough Video Tutorials

John Arnold from Photo Walkthrough takes you by the hand through various photo-editing tools and explores their abilities step by step. Other than the lovely British accent, these video tutorials offer a real added value for the editing work, which has become inseparable from a photographer’s routine.

Although video tutorials are not easy to produce, the site updates fairly often. The explanations provided are clear and the pics that are chosen as samples are indeed helpful. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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