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♫ Singing ♫: “Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut!!…”

Ladies and gentlemen, is back on another tour across America. We just returned from the Golden State, California. We had a chance to meet some of our favorite Wix designers. We shared coffee and listened to your inspiring Wix stories.

We’d love to share a cup with you as well! Catch us around the US next month at the following events:

The Creative Freelancer Conference (Denver, CO)

June 4th- 6th – The Creative Freelancer Conference is the first and only full-scale business conference for self-employed creative professionals. The goal: to help you maximize your freelance income by sharing best business practices and sage advice from seasoned solopreneurs who’ve learned through experience what works, and what doesn’t.

New York City’s Internet Week (New York, NY)

June 9th – Internet Week is a 7-day event around Manhattan resulting in the critical mass of web-focused events that raise the profile of NYC’s industry as a whole. Wix will partake in the week-of-geek-madness hosting the Digital Creatives Party. The Digital Creatives Party is a mashup of creative minds: designers, artists, photographers, marketing pros and tech entrepreneurs. All blended together for drinks and music!

AIGA Philadelphia chapter INDEX Fair (Philadelphia, PA)

June 17th – INDEX is Philadelphia’s most comprehensive design fair where designers meet the vendors that serve their needs. For the second year in a row, Urban Outfitters’ Jharoka space in the Navy Yard will be the place to learn about the latest in printing and interactive services. Did someone say cheese steak??


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