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Google & SEO \ JUN 20th 2010

Where Did My Wix Go?

We’ve received a few stories from users about sites suddenly disappearing from Google. If you type in the URL of your flash website (www.yoursite.com) to a search, your site should come up first.  If this was the case in the past, but now all of a sudden you do not see your site at all OR it’s in a much lower place than it was before, there’s a few things you can check. This series of posts will examine these issues. First thing’s first:

Is Your <Title> Tag Optimized?

Read this post on how to add a <Title> tag to your Wix website if you aren’t sure what a Title tag is or how to add one.

Character Limit

Titles should be no longer than 70 characters – including spaces. You can copy/paste your Title text into Microsoft Word and use the Word Count tool which tells you how many words and characters entered text contains. Or, just count the number of words, spaces between words, and any other characters you have in your title, and keep it below 70.

If your title is too long OR too short, Google might not process it. This could result in your site being pushed down in search results, or being removed entirely from Google’s index. Your site’s Title is the # 1 thing Google uses for determining what your site is about. So if it’s too short, or too long and wordy it is difficult both for Google, and your visitors, to quickly understand what your site is about.

Word Selection

Your title should include a few words describing your website, company, business, organization, etc. Be descriptive and concise. If you include nothing but an acronym, a made-up word (like, Wix, for example) or a brand name for your Title, it won’t make any sense to Google. Remember – you have to do this in less than 70 characters. You can use dividers to make your titles more readable, like:

Keyword | Brand Name or Brand Name | Keyword

A Wix Without an Optimized Title:


(the actual URL has been removed from the picture to save face for the user)

The Wix.com link actually points to the user’s Wix.  The user wrote to Wix Support, and our team peeked inside the site’s source code.  Sure enough, the <Title> tag was not optimized.  It consisted of only the word “The” and the 5-letter name of the company.

Sites with Optimized Titles


Do a search in Google for www.wix.com. The very first result is in fact wix.com (as you can see in the green URL), but the hyper-text link (blue or purple underlined text) is Free Website With Free Flash Website Builder at Wix.com. These 56 characters describe Wix.  Google can tell what is on the Wix site, and knows what keywords should be found inside the site’s content as well.



The same can be observed with Nike. Do a search for www.nike.com in Google. The first search result is – as you’d expect – the Nike URL. But the Title of the link is Nike.com – Official Site for Nike Shoes, Clothing & Gear. The folks over at Nike knew that to SEO their website, they needed to include a few more words than just “Nike” into the site’s title, in order to be indexed properly and remain on top of their game.


Read more about best practices for Title tags on this SEOMoz post.  To optimize your title, click on your account in the free website builder, go into your site, click on Settings and update your Title. Be sure to click SAVE once you’ve made your changes. Then you’ll have to wait until Google recrawls your site in order to see the changes reflected in Google. This can take anywhere from a week to a month, especially if you have no backlinks pointing at your site.

Stay tuned for more posts on Wixes Behaving Badly – and quick ways to fix them!

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