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Web Design \ JUN 20th 2010

Lets Go Logo! Create an Original Logo for Your Website Design

Self Promotion is the name of the game. Beyond the amazing work you do, whether you are a business, an artist, or a photographer you need to think of yourself as a product to be marketed, and a product needs a logo. A good logo serves your business goals: it’s a symbol, a graphic element that represents you. The web is a visual media and in order for your website design to stand out your logo has to work its magic, have clean lines, well articulated graphic elements, and no more than three colors. A Logo can be represented with only graphic elements or you can choose to incorporate your name and initials as well.

Some great logos created by Wix users:

Creating a Logo Using Wix Website Builder
A quick tip before you get stated, I recommend you design your logo on a new Wix document, allowing yourself a clean work space to freely fool around with your design. Once you’re done designing your logo, publish it as a Media Item. This will allow you to easily access and grab your logo for any Wix document you create. Wix has tons of free vector graphic elements which give you the flexibility to create your own original design (without using complicated external design software). I’d like to introduce you to the two main tools that are useful for logo design.

The Shape Tool & The Clip Art Library

The shape tool allows you to build your logo out of different geometrical shapes. The clip art library has ready to use graphics. In order to appropriate them for logo design the “Tint” effect can come in handy. This will give the clip art a solid color and give you maximum flexibility when integrating it with text and shapes.The Tint Effect

  1. Browse the clip art gallery, and find the image that communicates your message.
  2. Click on “Effects”- tint. Choose the color you are using and give it maximum transparency. Wix Editor The Tint Effect

Some Examples for Logo Design Using Wix:


Packaging your Website design: Designing the “Front Cover”
Once you’ve finished designing your gorgeous logo, a professional way to package your website design is by creating an opening page. You’ve probably seen these around as they are becoming increasingly popular. This will allow your logo to stand out as well as evoke curiosity.

  1. Publish your logo as a media item
  2. On the top right click “Add page”
  3. On the top right click “Manage” and move the page you created to the top
  4. Open your title page and place your logo in the center
  5. Click on “Link”- select the “Page” tab- and click on “select Page” to link it to your website
  6. Done!
Your Logo is your graphic name. Slowly you’ll notice people recognizing you by your logo, so make sure it’s consistent in all your web documents! For more about logo design, you can check out these great tips.

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