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Art & Photography \ JUN 10th 2010

Contribute Photos to Wix and Win Eternal Glory!

Join Wix’ Contributing Photographers Community
Our media center keeps expanding thanks to artists’ donations. Over the past few weeks we’ve been receiving dozens of emails from photographers, graphic and media designers wishing to feature their work on our editor. These emails came as a response to calls for actions we planted on the web, inviting emerging artists wishing to feature their work to send us materials. This joint venture is a classic win-win: our media center is expanding, our members are enjoying a larger selection of images, and contributors receive credit on the editor with a link directing traffic to their portfolios.

We just uploaded a batch of our contributors’ photos to the editor for our entire community to marvel at. To see them, go to Media Center > Pics > Community Pics.
Photo Contribution by Wix Photographers Community

The fourth template is dedicated to our fellas at the automobile industry. Thanks to the amazing photos we got, our new cars template has a classic look and feel that will get your engines roaring!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to all the dedicated artists who donated their work. We sure hope our new web design templates will be the vessel carrying your passion and talent across the World Wide Web.

But wait! Some of the photos we received were so terrific that we felt we had to feature them in an extra special way. Well, we now have four new web design templates featuring our contributors work. Our studio has been busy cooking three delicious templates for all of you chefs, caterers, restauranters and bakers out there.And the secret ingredient? You got it right! Our contributors’ photos!

In particular, we’d like to thank the following contributors:
** If you’d like to contribute media to Wix.com, please contact our Artists Community Coordinator, Eden, at eden [at] wix [dot] com.

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