Creating Textured Background Images for Your Website Design

Deep textured background images are an easy way to make our websites design stand out. Background images help to frame your page. Textures also add an essence of grunge if the minimal look isn’t for you.

1. Open Photoshop and create a document that matches your Wix canvas size.

2. Color the first layer white, hexadecimal code: #ffffff.

3. Search the web for an image of a rough surface. It may be best to search for “cement wall” or something similar. Copy and paste that image over your first layer.

4. Increase the contrast to accentuate the highlights and lowlights. Then drop the opacity of that image to 40%.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with a second image of rough surface.

6. If you’d like to add more colors, add some shades over your first layer.

7. Finally, flatten the image, save it to your desktop and import it onto the Wix editor.

As you see, the trick to textures is in adjusting contrasts and opacities. The more you create your own background images, the better you’ll get at customizing them just right.

Good luck!



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