Making the Most of Heading Tags

Making the Most of Heading Tags

In HTML, they’re called <H> tags.  In Wix, they’re called Titles. These texts present the structure of your website’s content, and are often used as paragraph headers, or on-page title text. It’s important to be sure you’re optimizing these texts for search engines who consider them indicative of what your website is about. This can help your SEO efforts by enabling Google to better understand your content.

How Google Reads Text

When someone enters your website, they naturally will notice the Titles of paragraphs, before reading the content within them.  Search engine crawlers actually function the same way.  When a search engine crawls a page, one of the first things it does is attempt to know what that page is about. It does this by first reading the heading tags, from the HTML code. Google recognizes <H1> through <H6> tags, in decreasing order of importance.

Heading Tags in Wix

  • To add an <H> to your website go to Text > Titles

  • Wix uses only <H1> through <H3> to make things easier for users, and to keep your source codes neat and tidy.

You may not realize that using large text in a paragraph will never cause that text to gain recognition as a header. You can increase the size of regular text as much as you want but Google will not consider it as important as <H> tags. And if your site is missing <H> tags entirely, you’re missing out on a really easy opportunity for keywords.

Tips on Title Use

  • Titles with larger fonts and higher positions on your web page are more important.

  • The relative font size and location on your page of your Titles determines the # of their <H> tags.

  • For an <H1> to appear in your Wix’ source code, place the Title with the largest text size at the top of your page.

  • Use keywords in your <H1> tag, preferably toward the beginning of the Title.

To see the code of your website go to the live version of your site (not in the editor), and hit CTRL + U. You will see the pure code behind your website. Scroll down to see your <H> tags along the left margin.

A Nifty Resizing Trick

Say you want to have an <H1> tag but don’t necessarily want it to visually stand out and overpower the rest of your on-page content. You can resize your Title texts by clicking and dragging inward their corners, so that they appear smaller, while maintaining their font sizes.


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