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New Features \ MAY 27th 2010

HTML is Here! A Quick Q & A with Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami

Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami

HTML is now on Wix. Create professional Flash websites with Wix and easily embed HTML code straight from our editor! Tonight, we’re talking to the man who envisioned all this: Wix Founder & CEO, Avishai Abrahami.

Q: Congratulations. The HTML development process has been a bumpy road: from overcoming security, Flash and Java script issues to cross-browsers and OS compatibility. Are you happy?
I’m excited for Wix members. The release of the HTML component is an extremely important achievement since it gives our users maximum freedom; the ability to choose what goes into their websites according to their needs. This freedom is what Wix is all about. Our users are incredibly smart and we give them a lot of credit. They don’t need us to tell them which features to implement and which to exclude. One of Wix’ core values is that our users know their needs better than we ever will. The HTML component is the gateway we give them for bringing the best of the web into their Wix sites.

Q: Will Wix be charging money from members using the HTML component?
This question triggered quite a debate here at the time, and like always, we took the question up with our members through our forum. We realized that there was a lot more to be gained from making the HTML component available for all than limiting it to paying members. The examples of HTML use we’ve been seeing since the release are a source of endless inspiration. What’s amazing is the fact that it is our users who are showing us new ways to use Wix and not the other way around. We only give users the means- the best website builder
on the market. The creativity is all theirs.

Q: So basically Wix allows its users to integrate competitive products into their websites. Users could now use a free third-party shopping cart, why would they pay for a Wix ecommerce package?
This only means we’ll have to improve our own shopping cart and come up with a package that is just too good not to use. A shopping cart that is designed to perfectly interact with a Wix site. I’m confident that the changes we’re planning on introducing to our ecommerce package will make it the best around. We’re not scared of competition – on the contrary – it keeps us on our toes.

Q: It’s been quite a year with Wix’ $10 million series C funding and the launch of the HTML. What image will you remember most once the dust settles?
A: Sitting in my office with my HTML developers’ team on monthly review meetings and staring at the (same) slide: “ETA: next month!”. We’ve grown quite attached to that slide.

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