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Google & SEO \ MAY 13th 2010

Does Your Wix Have a Title and Description?

This is the #1 most important thing you should do for your website, in terms of SEO.

Yet we’ve noticed many Wix users overlooking this step – including premium users. Thankfully, it’s an easy problem to fix.

When we say “Title” and “Description”, we’re not referring to content that you place on your web page, or the name that you gave to your web document in order to save it in Wix. We’re talking about your site’s metadata – text that is included in your website’s code, which is read by search engines. You do not need to actually do any coding with Wix, but you do need to enter text to your website’s Settings section. The website builder plants this inside your website’s source code automatically.

Add a Title and Description in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Go to the top menu of the website builder and click “Settings”.

Step 2: In the Site Optimization section, enter your own text in the Title + Description windows.

Website Builder Site Settings

Step 3: Click ‘OK’.

Done.  Simple, right?

Tips for Good Title Text

  • Use up to 70 characters (letters, symbols, etc.) including spaces
  • Include the name of your website/business
  • Include keywords (your type of business or what your main offerings are)

Your website’s Title appears on top of a user’s browser, while they are in your Flash website. Even though people might not pay much attention to this text, search engine crawlers do. If you DON’T insert your own Title text, Wix’ default text will remain there (see examples in the images both above and below, in this post).

Tips for Good Description Text

  • We recommend keeping your meta description under 160 characters including spaces
  • Describe your website or business in clear terms
  • Use one or two appropriately placed keywords

This is the text that shows up in a list of search results, underneath each website’s title.  These are the one or two sentences that you can read about a website, before deciding to enter it. In Google, they’re called snippets. If you DON’T add your own description text, default Wix text will appear under your website’s name in a list of search results. This will look pretty strange to people when thinking about which website to enter. Also, make sure you keep your descriptions short enough for all the text to appear. Ellipses (…) at the end of a description in a search looks sloppy.

Free AND Premium Users

Every single site created with Wix has these settings. You have the power to customize these super-important parts of your site, whether it’s a free website or one that you upgraded to a premium site. It’s especially disheartening for us to discover premium users who don’t adjust their site’s Title and Description, since those users have already taken action toward establishing their website’s online success, yet somehow skipped this basic step. It’s like planning a party and forgetting to invite your guests. So please, take a few minutes to make sure you’ve done this really simple, really important step.

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