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Promote Your Site \ APR 13th 2010

What’s Your Business Niche?

From a Canadian photographer that specializes in underwater photography, to a baker who only sells cupcakes based on popular cocktails, or a young girl from England who designed her own website to advertise her dog walking services in her neighborhood, these and countless other small businesses from around the world present an online business trend that couldn’t have been possible only a few years ago:
The online niche business.

If a few years ago, only well funded companies, or code savvy designers could get a business on the net, today, anyone with the right focus and will (and some help from the user-friendly Wix website builder editor) can get their business its much needed online presence.

Just like V. Rubini, one of many thousands of Wix users commented, “In today’s economy, visual presence is of the uttermost importance. A website is our new business card, our front office as well as our back office in some cases. It’s not a need, it’s a must!”.

But The web (r)evolution has not only made it possible for many people to get their offline business a professional online presence, it also enabled many to build a dedicated online-only business, and presented both of these groups with the opportunity to study their market in a faster and easier way, and adequately, to make their mark with a focused business niece website.

So on this blog post, I thought I should share a few unique online businesses that use the full potential of the internet and our very own Wix editor to create specialized websites for just one product or service.

Like the delivery only cocktail cupcake boutique based in Atlanta:

Or the company that sells a unique promotional product- the only real football water bottle:


Or the acclaimed Toronto based artists that will only paint a portrait of your pet:

Paul BoddumOr the family from the USA that offers to sell you just one unique golfing bag:


And let’s not forget the young dog walker from England:

Dolittles Dogs

As you can see from the above examples and countless others found on our ‘Explore’ section, not only can you create a website easily and cost affectively, you can also build a dedicated website around a sole winner product or service.

This very same ease of use also allows you to break your online business into mini websites – a business move that can improve your web visibility among clients and search engines alike. But that subject – deserves its own blog post : )

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