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Google & SEO \ APR 18th 2010

Link Building Strategies

Backlinks (also known as incoming links, inbound links and inward links) are links that point at your website, on other websites.  Gaining backlinks to your website is an extremely important aspect of boosting your site’s rank in Google.  Backlinks are like votes of confidence for your website; the more votes you have – from quality sites themselves – the better your site appears to search engine crawlers.  In this blog post, I’m providing some good ways to increase the amount of organic (unpaid) backlinks to your Wix flash website.

Contribute to the Community

Make a name for yourself as a good source of information, by answering questions in forums or on blogs.  Build a positive reputation for yourself (and your website) by offering something useful to those within your industry or community.  This will increase your level of recognition by others, and will make it more likely that they will include a link to your website in the future.

Social Media

Building a profile on social media is a surefire way to increase awareness of your website.  Everyone knows of the big-wigs such as FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace.  Post a link to your website in any of the social networks you’re already a part of.  In addition to these general networks, you might want to become familiar with the myriad of niche social media networks that exist.  These targeted networks will put you in touch with others interested in the same things you are.  DoshDosh provides a list of more than 50 general and niche social media websites, while Social Media Answers neatly lists major social networks, according to category.


Present yourself as an authority figure within your niche by creating and maintaining a blog. Blogs are easy to update and maintain, by commenting on relevant news articles or posting an interesting photograph.  Linking your blog to your Wix website is simple with the RSS widget found inside the website builder.  You can also provide tutorials or how-to guides on your blog (or your website itself) that provide information not offered elsewhere.

Share Something Cool

Offering visitors something useful that they can benefit from will make them remember your website, or even bookmark it. Write a tutorial or a how-to guide describing something that isn’t explained elsewhere. Share your experience using a new product or a tip offered on someone else’s website.

(Weaker Yet Effective Techniques)


Draw attention to your site, and compel others to comment and post links, by making a statement that will stir the emotions of those visiting your site.  Make a statement that goes against conventional wisdom, challenge prevailing industry opinions, or even say something positive about something deemed unpopular according to mainstream belief.


Presenting information in list format is very appealing for readers to easily digest information, but this tactic should be used sparingly to retain credibility.  Lists should be the sugars and fats in your website content’s well-balanced diet.

A Word About Spamming

Signing up for blogs or forums to add spam entries that have links to your website is a great way to damage your website’s reputation.  Doing this runs the risk of being noticed as a spammer by search engines, which are smarter than you think and are well-versed in spamming practices. Practice “honest techniques” when attempting to gain backlinks.  Remember, it’s not just the quantity of links you receive, but the quality.

Checking Your Site’s Backlinks

You can determine the number of back-links to your website.  Yahoo! is widely recognized as the most reliable source of back-link data.  To discover how many websites contain back-links to yours, simply enter in the following text to a search in Yahoo:  linkdomain:www.yourwebsite.com

Google’s Thoughts on the Matter

For some more backlinking advice, here’s a short video tutorial provided by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Webspam. (Notice that Matt recommends “creating a video” as a way to gain links pointing to your website, injecting a little ironic humor into the discussion.) For increased user comprehension, captions are provided.

Good luck putting these techniques into practice, and gaining solid backlinks to your Wix website!

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