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Wix Updates \ MAR 6th 2010

Wix Respects Trekkies Worldwide

Wix Website of the 24th Expeditionary FleetHere at Wix, we consider all Wix sites to be our children and love them all the same. But sometimes we encounter websites that are simply too inspiring to be kept out of the spotlights. That’s the sensation that spread through the office when we discovered the 24th Expeditionary Fleet’s website, dedicated to a one very awesome Star Trek Online game fleet.

On the site, you can find news and updates concerning the fleet, as well as a forum of the fleet members and a set of rules and regulations not to be broken. For instance, no talking politics or religion on the game platform or no taking advantage of the fleet’s bank. Sounds like the model society.

We contacted the creator of this site, known in the STO universe as Seven (Toronto, Canada), and chatted a bit about the story behind this site. Seven is involved with two fleets in STO – the 24th Expeditionary Fleet, which is on the federation side, and the Imperial Fleet, which is on the Klingon side (Good and Bad categories don’t apply here. STO is more complex than that).

Q: So Seven, when was the Expeditionary fleet founded?

A: Fleet was founded during the head-start event, a few days before Feb. 02, 2010, the official launch date of STO. Been playing since the very start :)

Q: What’s special about your fleet? Why is it better than other fleets?

A: Our fleet caters to a wide variety of gamers, both casual and hardcore, unlike some fleets out there that insist that their players have to play at certain times or participate in certain events. We have a more relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time we try to be as organized as possible.

Q: What other games do you play online (or not online)?

A: As of right now, my main games besides STO consists of Modern Warfare 2, Navyfield and CABAL.

Wix Website of the 24th Expeditionary FleetQ: How did you come across Wix?

A: I ran into Wix one day when I was trying to make a small flash website for something else. Although that other project did not take off, I remembered Wix for its ease of use. I think I spent more time using photoshop to create some of the graphics :P

Q: Does your fleet have a motto?

A: Hahaha, I don’t think we were hardcore enough to sit there and come up with a fleet motto.

(Wix Team’s suggestions: “Beam me up, Seven!” or “Eat space dust, Vulcans”)

Seven promises to update his website with more news about the fleet, reporting from important victories and special events, so stay tuned. You can also make a donation on the website to support the fleet and it’s causes!

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