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Wix News \ MAR 24th 2010

The Month That Was: A Burst of Instability, A Few bugs, A Giant Leap Forward

Wix leaping forwardsWell, it’s been quite a month! Judging by the commotion we had on the forums, you guys noticed the irregularities we experienced in the past few weeks: server hiccups, hidden menus, documents resizing – a period that will go down in history as ‘Black February’. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience and extend you a big thank you for bearing with us through this tough period.

So what‘s been the cause of all these interruptions? During the last couple of months we’ve completed a process of deploying a new server infrastructure. The goal we are now aiming for is to gradually take the new infrastructure into a new level of performance, or what we call the ‘always on’ model.

Up until now, whenever we ran maintenance work on our servers, members’ websites were invariably affected. We did our best to minimize discomfort by performing maintenance on early Sunday mornings, while most of you guys are asleep. However, the ‘always on’ model, once fully implemented, will put a stop to websites suffering hits following maintenance work. In time, we’ll be able to guarantee that no interruptions are registered on members’ websites while we run new versions, upload new features or upgrade our servers.

Making all these infrastructure improvements will take time.

There might be a few more interruptions down the road – and if there are – our support team will be working with you one on one and on the forums to fix each problem as it comes. For the long term, the groundwork we’re laying will result in a system that no longer rests on a single core of gravity but divided into many segments. Your websites will be backed up by two data centers and will enjoy a level of stability that so far is offered by big corporations alone.

During the coming months, we plan on continuing our efforts in breaking our system into more and more segments. These efforts will culminate in the launch of four highly requested features: the HTML component, password protected pages, history and revision backups, and separate ‘publish’ and ‘save’ functions which will give you full control of information release.

We’ll keep you up to date with news as our work progresses; meanwhile Captain Wix and the crew wish you all a smoother sailing in the next few months.

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