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Wix Updates \ FEB 7th 2010

This Business Called Love: Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s just around the corner, millions of moonstruck lovers are fervently looking for that special, electric, never-seen-before gift to surprise that special someone with. Even if you hate Valentine’s and feel you’d be better off beating yourself with a chain in the Ashura, you can’t ignore the fact that most people do love Valentine’s, look forward to it, and relish in the opportunity to spoil their loved one and spend a romantic day together.

This also means that they expect you – the small business owner – to acknowledge their feelings and supply them with a shopping experience to compliment their mood: a Valentine’s coupon, a better discount, a heart shaped cookie or a special package.

Even you don’t happen to be selling ‘I’m nuts about you’ kimono robes or scented-soy candles, with a little creativity, almost any business can make the necessary adjustments to become a Valentine-friendly website, and having a website on Wix means you’re only a few keystrokes away from wooing your clients through the Valentine season. Our editor is brimming with new icons and animations and you can add terrific strokes of color using our improved, sensitive color palate. So take your pick – there’s something for everybody – and you still have time to update your website if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to see this inspirational showcase of Valentine-themed specials, packages and promotions. It might help you crystallize your ideas and whom you might help this Valentine.


1. Photographer Anji invites women to celebrate their sexuality and reconnect with their bodies in a special Valentine shoot that is guaranteed to tease the ‘Goddess’ out of any woman – young or mature.

2. A massage parlor offering special Valentine Day packages for couples and individuals alike.

3. Not quite what you’d expect from a hooker on Valentine’s but this special offer does have a certain appeal to those with partners in the outback.

4. ‘Tea and Tease Boudoir Photography’ offers a deliciously decedent Valentine’s special to women who want to surprise their partners with -emm- you’ll see. Don’t miss a free cup of tea on arrival.

5. A basket of fresh, hand-dipped chocolate strawberries sure sounds good to me. I’ll marry the first person who sends me one of these. Please, not all at once.

6. These two sweethearts are Amy and Gianna, the coolest duo on the web. They’re best friends but love teasing each other, have a wicked sense of humor and a special Valentine’s page they created. So what if the music videos don’t work? Amy and Gianna show you that nothing can really go wrong when you have your best buddy around.

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