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Wix Updates \ JAN 28th 2010

Consumer-rankings.com Ranks Wix as Best Web Design Service of 2010!


Feedback is something we love getting, be it good, bad or somewhere in between. We get hundreds of emails each week, some thanking us for our great service, others asking that we implement new functionalities, some asking for friendly advice on how to make a website, and a handful of emails accusing us of poisoning wells, shooting horses, and stealing UNICEF charity money from senior citizens in Wyoming.

This week, however, we received a wonderful email from a member who brought a piece of exciting news to our attention:  this wonderful website – consumer-rankings.com –selected Wix as Top Web Design Service of 2010!

Well, I have to say we were caught a bit unawares: no thank you speech prepared, no fresh cufflinks, no mint breath spray. But we do feel extremely humbled and honored to get this amazing vote of confidence from a group of people who truly seem to know their internet.

Here’s a tidbit of what consumer-rankings.com had to say about us:

“Wix is a great option for artists, musicians and even corporate practices looking for a trendy and attractive website that can showcase one’s portfolio or simply describe the practice on a platform with an aesthetically appealing design”.

Read the full review.

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