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Web Design \ JAN 19th 2010

The Dark Side of the Editor: Strange Clipart Images Revealed!

Ok. Truth be known, we don’t know who uploaded these images to our Clip Art gallery but there’s a studio-wide manhunt to find the suspects and bring them to justice. Meanwhile, we thought we should bring these findings to the public’s attention as our Editor apparently requires more and stronger regulation.

If any of you are using these images, we’d like to know about it! Send us the URL for your website and we’ll send you a neat gift – it’s the least we can do for you, buddy.

Exhibit no. 1 – A very pink pig standing on two legs.

Is this the version of ‘Babe’ that was never released? I mean, this fella looks kind of, eh, disoriented?

Potential uses:  Pig flu awareness websites.

Exhibit no. 2 – Pig theme again. A piggy van.

Interesting. What we have here is a large pink van with a tail, wearing a pig’s mask. There’s a non smoking sign on the door and some sort of a tagline in a South East Asian language.  Is this a convoluted metaphor for an anti-smoking campaign? Does smoking turn you into a pig? Give your pigs cancer? What?

Potential uses:  Wedding car-hire service websites. Your guests will never forget it, nor will you.

Exhibit no. 3 – Rubber ducks wrapped in shrink-film.

Ok, am I the only one feeling uncomfortable here? Or does it seem like this picture was taken out of some hardcore fetish DVD? Did you notice the chilling ‘send help’ note on close-up? This is not right.

Potential uses: Moving companies websites. “We’ll wrap anything, your ducks and all”.

Exhibit no. 4 – A pill.

The Pharmaceutical industry is booming all over the globe and every Joe Shmoe is selling fake Viagra from his grandmother’s garage.  This pill looks quite mysterious though – will it turn you invisible? Grow hair on your palm? Wanna try and find out?

Potential uses: Scientology websites warning against prescription drugs.

Exhibit no. 5 – Sushi.

I love Sushi. I truly do. Is this tamago in the middle? With some salmon roe on top? And a pickled daikon radish? We can’t be too sure.

Potential uses: DIY websites for the legally blind.

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