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Promote Your Site \ DEC 21st 2009

Wix Tips: Business Site Assets

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Since we’ve launched, Wix has been proud to help businesses find their voice on the web.  We’ve seen some great looking sites which have been incredibly successful at reaching new customers.  If you are considering building a site for your business or you would like to improve an existing business site, consider these web assets:

1. Splash page

One way to welcome customers to your site is with an intro or splash page.  This page contains very little information.  It usually includes the brand name, logo and text inviting the user to ‘enter,’ ‘click to enter’ or ‘enter here.’

2. Company Info
Here’s a chance to tell your company’s story.  Explain the history of how your company came to be.  Describe the care and consideration that goes into your products.  Include your company’s vision and mission statement.

3. Products/ Services [Lookbooks, Food Menus, etc]
Neatly display all of the products or services that you provide.  If your company offers several different products or services, group them together by category.  Whenever possible, accompany items with images.  Include appropriate units of measurement including price, color, size, materials, ingredients, time, quantity, etc.

4. Ecommerce Shopping Cart
Sell your company’s products or services on the site with a fully integrated shopping cart.  Clearly display any current sales or promotions.  Make sure to track all of your sales.  Optimize your returns by showcasing your company’s most popular products.

5. Testimonials and Reviews
Overtime, your company is sure to produce some very satisfied customers.  Proudly exhibit those satisfied customers.  Display direct quotes from your customers and the products/services they purchased.  This is also a chance to display favorable reviews (Consumer Reports, Yelp) and showcase your company’s business awards (JD Power, Zagats Best Of).

6. Community
In an interactive environment, it’s very important for your customers to communicate with you and to each other.  Provide a platform to facilitate this communication: forum, message board, etc.  Create a blog that will update your customers with recent news.  Let customers reply with comments.  Finally, create an online social network to support your organization on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

7. Press Room
If your company has not had much media exposure, a press room will provide a foundation for your efforts.  Clearly display your company’s most recent press release.  Make sure the document is available for download.  Catalog the history of press releases.  Finally, display the contact info for your company’s public relations representative.

If your company has had a history of media exposure, showcase the favorable coverage on a timeline.  See how we do it at Wix: https://www.wix.com/news/press-room.

8. Locations
If your company has ‘brick and mortar’ locations (offices, warehouses, storefronts, etc), provide the street address to each location and include graphical maps.  Provide directions, if necessary.  Use recognizable landmarks for orientation.  Make use of Google Maps, Yahoo!Local, Map Quest, etc.

9. Contact and Customer Support
Some information, such as primary address, phone, fax and copyright © dates, should be ubiquitous throughout the entire website.  You can display that information on a footer at the bottom of your site.  You can also create a page dedicated to a contact form so customers can contact the company directly.  Take this opportunity to connect customers with the rest of your web-universe (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc).

10. Frequently Asked Questions
To compliment your support page, include a page that provides answers to common company-related questions about your company.  Examples: Do you take reservations? Is your company publicly traded? How often will I be billed?

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The truth is, most business websites will not need all of these elements.  Choose the ones that work best for you and your company.

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