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Google & SEO \ AUG 13th 2009

4 Things Google Loves About Texts

They say wise men consider their words carefully. This rings true in our case as well. I’d go so far as to say that you should do more than consider your words, you should research them. Sounds easy? Well, in fact it is. Find out how to work with Google and help give your site ranking a bump in the right direction, using relevant terms of course. Let’s break it down into a few simple steps.

First of all, let’s say you have a supermarket website and you want surfers to know that you sell the best bananas in town. Check out Google’s freebie AdWords Tool to find out what good keywords should be weaved into your site texts. Type ‘bananas’ for example, and you may discover that other good keywords include ‘green bananas’ and ‘ripe bananas’.

Title and Description in Google Search Results

Title and Description in Google Search Results

Another place you can look is the Google search itself. Type in your keyword and find out how many other sites are already listed under this keyword as well as keyword ideas at the bottom of the page.

So now we get to the point.

The first thing Google really loves is a good title. Titles should be short and precise. Google will display up to 66 characters and crop the last word before this total is exceeded. Yahoo allows for up to 120 characters. If you want to be really smart, why don’t you create a primary title with a secondary supplement so that you can take advantage of both search engines? The title is one of the most important elements which the search engine crawls to determine how to index the site. Make sure you use at least one of your primary keywords here. To enter a title visit the document settings in Wix’s Flash website builder as can be seen in the picture. The website title will appear at the top of the web page as well as in search engine results.

The second thing Google absolutely loves is a good description. Try to be savvy in the way you build your sentences to include as many keywords as possible, and perhaps even repeat a primary keyword that is important to you, while creating a logical and eye catching sentence. This is the text that appears under the title in search engine results. Another factor to consider is its length. It should not be longer than 200 characters. You can write more, but no one will ever see it.

The third thing Google wants is a lot of texts. The texts on your page make the keywords you listed in you Meta tags (no more than seven) relevant. Optimizing your text is one of the more important steps in helping your website achieve a higher ranking in the Search Engines. Your web page should include plenty of text and should contain each of the keywords and keyword phrases you listed in the Meta tags, used in different variations and different locations on the page. If the keywords and keyword phrases you listed in your Meta tags don’t exist inside the text body of your website, they will simply be ignored by the Search Engines.

Each of your keywords and keyword phrases should appear at least three times within your text, but not more than seven, Google and other search engines recognizes spamming when it sees it.

Last but definitely not least, Google is head over heels for headers. A header appears in the Meta text as H1, or H2 and so on. However, to insert a header you need to use the Title tool in the Wix website builder. This is the difference between paragraph blocks and title blocks which you use to insert texts into the actual web page. If you have a title, you can insert it into your website either using the paragraph’s option or the title option, but why would you waste a good opportunity to strengthen your keywords?

Wix Editor Title Tool

Title Tool inside Wix

That’s it for today. Get creative; it’s basically you against the machine and I’m sure you can find a way to outsmart it.
Remember!! It takes a few weeks for Google to index your page and the same goes for any changes you make, so don’t expect you ranking to change overnight.

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