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Web Design \ JUN 25th 2009

The HOW Design Conference 2009

Austin, Texas – Graphic designers from around the country have gathered to attend the HOW Design Conference; a jamboree of educational workshops, keynote speakers, and design-minded sponsors.  The HOW conference is an annual summit organized by HOW Magazine, a leading trade publication for the design community.

As Day 1 comes to an end, there’s an energy in the eyes of each attendee…   an energy that calls to mind Freshman week of University.  Some have barely unpacked their bags before stuffing pockets full of business cards and hitting the conference floor.  Exhibitors are putting the finishing touches on their display tables and prepping their swag.  “Is this your first HOW conference?” one attendee asks another.  “Yes, it is, and it’s the most excited I’ve been about design in years!”

It’s sure to be a great week.

This year, Wix is attending HOW as both a student of design and service to share.  We will be reporting on the trade secrets learned in the workshops.  Furthermore, we will be hosting a fantastic initiative for all HOW attendees- The HOW Conference Wix Collective.  It will be a place on Wix where all attendees can share their conference experience.  Check it out:


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