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Promote Your Site \ MAY 7th 2009

7 Steps to Promote Your Website and Get Visitors

Whether you’ve just created a business, personal, or social presence with the Wix.com web design platform, or you’ve been managing your premium site for a while, below you’ll find tips to take your creation to the next level.

In our ongoing effort to help you maximize your hard work we’ve created a 3 part series of articles filled with tips and tactics on how to effectively promote your site, increase visitors and make you all around, the talk of the town!

In this 1st post we’ll be focusing on Social Marketing – what marketers call “Conversational Marketing tactics”. For the non-marketers out there, marketing has switched recently to talking “WITH” the audience, not “TO” them.

Where traditional advertising methods such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines were about continuously broadcasting what the advertiser had to say to a very wide audience at fairly high costs, Conversational Marketing is about directly conversing and engaging with the audience. And the good news is: the cost of social marketing is the time and effort you invest in it.

Be Yourself. And Be Interesting

A great analogy to keep in mind along the way is “social media is one big party”. If you’re the boring person at the party, you’re probably not making a whole lot of friends. You want to be the person that people want to get to know, laugh with and listen to. People identify with people, not brands. This makes understanding your audience and their online usage trends extremely important and having fun even more so. Be yourself.

So what are the services that will build up your online notoriety, while making new friends along the way?…

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