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Google & SEO \ AUG 13th 2008

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

We are adding a bit different post today, as we see the need to understand more about Wix and it suitableness to search engines, so here: our first didactic post including tips from our SEO resident expert, Ilan Shriki.

Anyone who tries to promote their website quickly learns that two types of visitors read our websites – humans and search engine robots. No doubt you’ve worked hard on mastering the language of your customer. Today I’d like to focus your efforts towards speaking to a particular breed of machine commonly know as the search engine robot. (Search engine robots are what search engines like google & yahoo send out to ‘crawl the web’ and gather data for their indexing and ranking systems).

SEO: Optimize your Website for Search Engines

Stick ‘SEO’ into google and you’ll get millions of links (206 million last time I checked). But often very little one knows what to actually do to optimize your website for search engines. Whether using a wix.com platform or not, here are some steps/tips we recommend:

  • Choose your platform with Care
  • Write clean relevant text
  • Submit your Website
  • Relevant inbound links

1. Choose Your Platform With Care

Before you even write a word, it’s important to ensure your Website is designed in Format that Robots can read.

For most html-based sites this is a given. It is also a given with Wix.

Traditionally, this is not a given with Flash. So if you are thinking of using flash – dynamic visuals being great for humans – Wix may be the solution for you. (Wix creates an html mirror of all your web content that can be read by search engine robots but is invisible to your website visitors).

2. Write Clean Relevant Text

You’ve probably heard that on the web, “content is king”.

This is because although all search engines robots behave differently, the 3 largest engines (google, yahoo & msn) prefer pages with clean and relevant text.

But robots don’t only read the text you write throughout your website. They also read the “page title”, “description”, and “keywords” you select for your website.

Page Title is the most important element for search engines to correctly categorize your website. “Page title” is the title that appears at the top of the browser when visitors view your website.

Description This is what people will read when they find your website on search engines. As search engines typically publish only 20-30words it helps to keep your description short and sweet.

Keywords: keyword selection is also critical. You may know what category/s your website occupies…but we recommend you use look up keywords being used by your market in keyword directories, and include them in your web content.

Here are two great free tools for selecting keywords:

Of course you should also make sure to write for your current & potential customers…

3. Submit Your Website

When you have finished your website, it can also help to let search engines know you exist.

If you are publishing your website on your own domain, you can submit your website to the 3 major search engines by using the links below:

(If you are publishing your website with Wix hosting service, this will happen automatically.)

4. Relevant Inbound Links

“Content is king” is not the only SEO mantra. “Relevant links” is also key.

From an SEO perspective, the more relevant inbound links your site has, the higher the ranking your website will receive on Search Engines.

Here are a few simple ways to increase your inbound links (and help your site get promoted):

  • Add your site to Open source Web Directory Dmoz: (Note: it can take a long time for your request to be processed)
  • Create links from web directories that are relevant for your website subject area.
  • Ask friends and clients with relevant websites to link from their website to yours.

These are just some tips for optimizing your website for search engine robots – without compromising on the language of your customer. We hope you’ve found them helpful! If you do end up using wix feel free to ask our help for any follow on questions.

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