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10 stunning website templates to help you look your best online

10 Extraordinary Web Templates for a High Impact Website

DIYing your very own website can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have experience with web design or coding. But who says you need to be a learned techie to learn how to make a website? Lucky you, we have powerful website templates that are designed to help you make stunning websites.

Our team of experts are busy creating new templates all the time to help you have the best website designs out there. With an increasing variety of styles, target markets and layouts, you can have a truly amazing web design selection to choose from. Scroll below to explore some templates that may get your creative juices flowing.

Eyewear Website >>

A minimalist look that will suit fashion designers, models, photographers and other visual professionals perfectly. This template comes with a built-in store that you can keep selling products or simply remove if not relevant.

new templates_new editor 4

Folk Singer Website >>

With the intentional lo-fi look and feel, this template is perfect for musicians with an indie vibe. Remember, it only looks old-school! This template incorporates all the latest tools and features for a successful music site. However, if retro-chic is your thing, you can always check out this collection of retro websites.

new templates_new editor 6

Dietitian Website >>

Bright and vivid visuals really shine through this lovely template. Perfect for service-based small businesses or freelancers. This template already includes a great contact page design, which makes it easy for prospective clients to get in touch.

new templates_new editor 2

Pizza Restaurant >>

This template will leave no visitor indifferent to your product, food-related or otherwise. The power is in the images, so make sure you have high-quality visuals if you plan to use it.

new templates_new editor 8

Personal Trainer >>

The combination of shapes, lines and stark visuals plays especially well for this template. It’s a great choice for any type of professional service provider, like consultants, coaches, public speakers, etc.

new templates_new editor 7

Tattoo Designs Website >>

Looking for something that has a bit of a rough edge to it? Look no further! This kick ass design is the way to go for your less-than-usual website.

new templates_new editor 9

Yoga Center >>

Time to enter the zen! Everything about this template is meant to generate a wholesome and empowering atmosphere.

new templates_new editor 10

Animal Clinic >>

With the beautiful split screen layout, this template already has a smart content division that keeps things interesting.

new templates_new editor

EPK – Band Website >>

The perfect template to jump-start a successful music career by putting your tunes at the center of attention while still leaving plenty of room for building your image.

new templates_new editor 3

Fitness Studio >>

Check out the color palette on this one! Sure to give your site visitors a fun and edgy scrolling experience.

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