Everything You Need to Know

How do I go back and edit my web apps?

From a website with the app installed click Edit in App Builder from its context menu (...)

You can also access all of your App Builder pages from one of your websites. Open the My Widgets settings, select Import an app, and you’ll see a list of apps that you can edit as app owner.

Can I connect a Database Collection?

You can connect a widget's properties to your site's collections. For now, you cannot include a collection in your widget.

Who can use the web application I create?

You can use your apps and widgets on any Wix website you own. Each time you build your app, an update will be available to every site on which any version of your app was installed, even if you transferred site ownership. A red dot will appear next to the updated app in the Editor, so site owners can easily update to the latest version.

Please visit the App Builder forum to learn about known issues in this Alpha release.

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