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Pricing Plans
By Wix

Pricing Plans

By Wix
Subscriptions, memberships & pricing plans
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  • Pricing Plans Overview

        Sell subscriptions, packages and memberships
        Offer custom pricing plans and recurring payments
        Build customer loyalty with free trials and punch cards
        Connect to your preferred payment provider
    Sell subscriptions, packages and memberships for your services, products, content and software. - Create Pricing Plans: Customize your plans, highlight or recommend plans, and promote them on your pricing page - Free Trials and Plans: Offer free trials and plans so members can try your services before committing - Offer One-Time and Recurring Payments: Let clients purchase subscriptions or plans in advance and use them over a period of time - Build Customer Loyalty: Set up special pricing for longterm clients and members, or offer free trials and punch cards for new clients - Seamless Integr...
    ation with Wix: Manage your services, sales and customer info—from one, integrated dashboard - Send Automatic Emails: Create and manage automations to remind clients to renew their subscription or plan before they expire - Accept Secure Payments: Get paid with all major credit cards and choose a payment provider, like Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe and more - Grow Your Business: Earn residual revenue for your services and products Great for gyms, online trainers/coaches, educators/classes, product subscriptions, content publishers, software/SaaS and more. Get 24/7 customer support.
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