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My name is Jimmy(James) Brake and I have been helping people most of my life and programming since I was about 12. I just fell in love with the first computer I saw and eventually got a TRS-80. Since then I have worked on loads of computers and different systems. I am lucky enough to travel much of the world, meet many many wonderful people and grow spiritually, emotionally and steadily increase my knowledge about business, science, mathematics and engineering.

My purpose in life is to make systems that support people so that people can focus on being present, being happy and full of joy. I hope that this app helps your business to grow and provide a wonderful life for you, your family and friends.


I built this app for my wife when she started her acupuncture practice after she finished her masters in Chinese Traditional Medicine. As a business person of more than 20 years I know how important it is for your clients to speak well of you to their friends and this app is the next best thing for the web.