Cookie Alert

By Wix

Cookie Alert

Your Wix website and some apps you may have installed automatically use ‘cookies’, mostly to give your visitors a more personalized user experience. Now, if you are operating within the EU or are otherwise subject to laws which govern the use of cookies, you may be required by law to inform your visitors of the cookies used, and get their consent to such use.  


Cookie Alert Pop-up App is a simple solution that alerts visitors to your site’s use of cookies


  • Quickly and easily allow your visitors to consent to the use of cookies on your site.
  • Cookie Alert Pop-up appears only once when visitors enter your site for the first time and is active on all pages.
  • Its seamless design will gently nudge visitors without affecting your site content.
  • Completely customize the look and feel of your Cookie Alert Pop-up including its text, background, colors, pop-up size and button.

Cookies are small files that are stored in browsers and devices by websites, to give visitors a more personalized experience and enable other cookie-based features. In certain jurisdictions (such as in the EU) there are laws that regulate how cookies can be used, how such use should be notified to visitors, and how a visitor’s consent should be obtained. As these legal requirements may vary depending on your jurisdiction, visitors and uses, please check those specific cookie requirements applicable to you to make sure you're in compliance.