Giora Kaplan

Co-Founder & CTO

Gig is a web visionary with extensive experience in product management and technological invention. Together with his co-founders, Gig has managed to revolutionize the web by developing the technology allowing everyone to easily create a professional and striking web presence.


Gig has been involved in web publishing since the early 90s. His personal vision is to make web technologies accessible to all, and this has made him instrumental in shaping Wix’ platform. He is bored by and hates “me too” and copy-cat ideas. Gig’s experience focuses in the consumer internet and digital publishing fields, most notable of which is Optimedia Ltd which provides cutting edge internet & digital publishing technology to global publishing houses. In all his companies, one of Gig’s top priorities is the work environment and it’s important for him to provide a fun, creative and inspiring place to work.


On a day off you can catch him scuba diving, surfing or cooking.