• Overview

    Add a Spotify Follow button to your Wix site so that you visitors can follow you or your favorite artists.

  • Adding a Spotify Follow Button

    To add a Spotify Follow button:

    1. Click the plus sign to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Social. Click Spotify Follow.

    3. Double-click the Spotify Follow button.
    4. From Spotify Follow Settings, click Search Spotify.

    Instead, you can click Enter a Spotify URI. In the field that appears, paste the artist’s Spotify URI and click Update URI.

    5. From Search for an Artist, type the name of an artist in the search field, and click Search.
    6. Click an artist from the search results and click OK.

  • Customizing Your Spotify Follow Button

    To customize your Spotify Follow button:

    1. Double-click your Spotify Follow button.

    2. From Spotify Follow Settings, under Layout, click the dropdown menu and click a layout to select it.

    Choose between a basic layout or a detailed layout. If the detailed layout is selected,  the artist name and artist image will be displayed.

    3. Under Color, click the dropdown menu, and click a color scheme to select it.

    The Dark color scheme is only available if the detailed layout is selected.  

    4. Check the box next to Show Follower Count to hide or show the follower count.