• Overview

    Add a Facebook like button to your site so that when your visitors visit your site, they can share it with their Facebook friends.

  • Adding a Facebook Like Button

    Note: This Facebook Like button will only tally the users who visit and click the Like button on your site. The number of Likes that appear on your site will not affect the number of Likes on your Facebook Page or vice versa.

    To learn how to add a Facebook Page Like button that will correspond to the number of Likes that appear on your page, please click here.

    To add a Facebook Like Button:

    1. From the left of your Editor, click the plus icon to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Social.

    3. Click Facebook Like.

  • Customizing Your Facebook Like Button

    To customize your Facebook Like Button:

    1 Click the Facebook Like button.

    2. From the pop-up menu, click Settings.
    3. From the Facebook Like Button settings window, you can change the button style, action (like or recommend), color scheme, and choose whether or not to display profile pictures of those who liked your site.  

  • Facebook Like Button Options

    Once you’ve added a Facebook Like Button to your site, you can customize it in the Facebook Like Button settings.

    Button Style – Set the appearance of your Facebook Like Button.

    Action - Select whether your visitors like or recommend your site.

    Color - Choose a color scheme for your button.

    Display profile pictures – Select whether the profile picture should be displayed or not.