• Viewing Your Site

    You can find your site URL in the Settings section of the Editor.

    To visit your site:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the gear icon to open Settings.
    2. From Settings, click Site Address.
    3. From Site Address, under Your site address is you will see your site URL.
    4. Click the link to open your site.

    Your site opens.

  • Updating Your SEO (Google) Settings

    At Wix, we do everything we can to optimize your site for search engines, however much of the work is up to you. A first step to fully optimizing your site for search engines is to update your site's  (Search Engine Optimization) Settings within the Editor.

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  • Adding Contact Information and Updating Your Social Media Profile

    The Mobile Action Bar™ is an add-on layer that appears when your site is accessed by a mobile device. Activate the Mobile Action Bar™ and fill out the information under Contact Information and Social Media Profile so that your site visitors can contact you via mobile action icons and easily navigate your site from a mobile device.

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  • Updating Your Thumbnail Image

    You can change the thumbnail image for your site from the Settings section of your Editor.  Your thumbnail will appear when your site is shared on Facebook and will give your visitors another way of identifying your brand.

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  • Adding a Facebook Username

    Adding a Facebook username to the Social section of your Settings will allow you to moderate comments on your site and prevent errors when using Facebook plugins such as Facebook Like.

    To add a Facebook username:

    1. From the left side of your Editor, click Settings and then click Social.
    2. From Social, under Facebook Username, type your username in the field (make sure you type your personal facebook username and not a business facebook username).

    Your Facebook username is not your email or password! To find your username: Log into Facebook > click Profile > copy the text or ID number in the URL bar after www.facebook.com

    3. Click Done.

    Your Facebook username is updated.

  • Adding Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to analyze  and traffic that comes to your website. You can add Google Analytics by signing up for a free Google Analytics account.

    Please note that to use Google Analytics, you will need your own domain. Accordingly, Google Analytics is only available to users who have upgraded their Wix site.

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  • Disabling Cookie Permissions (EU Only)

    A change in EU law states that all websites must make their visitors aware of all non-essential cookies that may be left on their device, and ask their permission to proceed. Non-essential cookies are used for analytical purposes.

    Please note that blocking non-essential cookies blocks Google Analytics.

    To disable all non-essential cookies:

    1. From the left side of your Editor, click the gear icon to open Settings.
    2.  From Settings, click Statistics.
    3. Under Cookie Permissions, checkmark the box next to Disable all non-essential cookies.
    4. Click Done.

    All non-essential cookies are disabled.

  • Updating Your Favicon

    You can change the  image for your site from the Settings section of your Editor.  A favicon is a small icon that appears next to your site address in the browser and will give your visitors a way of identifying your brand.

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