• Overview

    Strips allow you to break your site up into horizontal sections and help you to layout and design the look and feel of your site. Add strips to your site, customize their style and add your content to them!

  • Adding a Strip

    Add a strip to your site from the Shapes & Lines section of Add.

    To add a strip:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus sign to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Shapes & Lines. Click Strip.

    A strip is added to your site.

  • Adding a Background Image to Your Strip

    Add a background image to your stip from Strip Settings.

    If you do not see this option, please remove your existing strip and add a new strip. For information on how to add a strip, click here.

    To add a background image to your strip:

    1. Double click the strip to open Strip Settings.
    2. Click Add Image.
    3. Click an image and select Change Background.
    4. Under Image Scaling, choose Crop, Actual Size, or Fit.

    5. Under Tiling, select an option.
    6. Under Alignment, select an option.

    A background image is added to your strip.

  • Customizing Your Strip Style

    Customize the style of your strip from Strip Settings.

    To  customize your strip style:

    1. Click the strip to select it and then click Change Style.
    2. From Change Style, click a style.

    3. Click Edit Style.

    Or create a style of your own from scratch by clicking Personalize this Strip!
    You can click OK to choose the selected Strip Style without editing.

    4. From Advanced Styles, change the SkinColorsCornersShadow and Border width of your strip. Click OK.

    5. From Change Style, click OK.

    Your strip style is customized.

  • Adding an Element to Your Strip

    You can attach any elements to your strip including images, text, videos and galleries.

    Moving your strip will also move all of the elements within it.

    To add an element to your strip:

    1. Resize your strip or the element so that your element will fit completely into your strip.
    2. Drag and drop your element into the strip.

    Be sure to place the element within the strip borders!

    Your element attaches itself to the strip.