• Previewing Your Site

    You can preview your site by going into Preview Mode. In Preview Mode, you can browse through your site as if it is online.

    To go into the Preview Mode of your site, click Preview from the top of the Editor.

    To go back to your Editor, click Back to Editor from the top left of Preview Mode.

  • Saving Your Site

    You can save your site and continue working on it at a different time. You can access your saved sites from My Sites in Wix.com.

    To save your site, you will first have to name it. The name of your site will be a part of your free Wix URL.

    To save your site:

    1. From the top of the Editor, click Save.

    2. From the window that opens, type a name for your site in the field.

    3. Click Save Now.

    Your site is saved.

  • Publishing Your Site

    When you are ready for your site to appear online, click Publish! Your new live site will appear on your free Wix URL.

    To publish your site to your own domain, you will have to upgrade your account and purchase a domain. For more information on domains, click here.

    To publish your site:

    1. From the top of the Wix Editor, click Publish.

    2. If you haven’t saved your site, type a site name in the field and click Save Now.

    3. Click publish your site online.

    4. Optional (but highly recommended!): Checkmark the box next to Allow search engines to find my site and fill in the Site Title, Site Description and Keywords fields.

    For more information about SEO, click here.

    5. Click OK.

    Your site is published.

    Remove the Wix ads and connect your own domain by clicking Upgrade Now and purchasing one of our Premium packages.

  • Upgrading Your Site

    If you would like to remove the Wix ads in the footer and tags or use your own domain, you can upgrade your account and pay for a monthly or yearly contract.

    For more information about our different packages, check out our page here.

    To upgrade your site:

    1. From the top of the Editor, click Upgrade.

    2. Underneath the package of your choice, click to select it.
    3. Click Buy Now and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

    Your upgrade features are now fully functional!

  • Get Feedback on Your Site

    Share your site with others before it's live and get their feedback! Check out the instructions below on how to share your site, view your feedback, and delete feedback. 

    Do you have any suggestions for our Get Feedback feature? Let us know here.

    Sharing your Site

    To share your site with others:

    1. From the right of your editor, click the Get Feedback icon.
    2. Click Share Your Site.
    3. Copy the link in the field and click OK.
    4. Share the link via email or social media.

    When others click this link, they will be able to leave comments anywhere on your site. To preview what others will see, paste the link in a new browser window. 

    You will be sharing the most recently saved or published version of your site. 

    The shared link is valid for two weeks only.

    Viewing Your Feedback

    You will see a red notification on the Get Feedback icon with the number of new unread comments. You will also receive an email to the email address associated with your Wix account.

    To view your feedback:

    1. From the right side of your editor, click the Get Feedback icon.

    2. From Get Feedback Settings, click to select a comment to navigate to the page where the comment was placed.

    If you would like to view feedback on a specific page,  click the drop-down menu under Show Comments On, and select a page on your site.

    You can drag the Get Feedback Settings window if comments were placed behind it. 

    3. To continue viewing your comments after closing Get Feedback Settings, check the box next to Show comments when this panel is closed.

    Deleting Feedback

    To delete feedback:

    1.  From Get Feedback Settings, click the comment that you wish to delete.

    2. From the comment box that opens, click the trash icon.

    It is not possible to restore comments after they are deleted.