• Overview

    Your Wix HTML5 website is built using HTML5 and AJAX technology . This has many benefits including the ability to have animated page transitions, your own  background, a header and footer that stay static while the rest of your content is dynamic, use of all of the new HTML features as they are released, dynamic page sizing and optimization for mobile devices.

  • The Deep Linking Mechanism

    To support using this  technology the URLs of your website are built in the following manner:

    1: This is your domain name.
    2: #! - This is called a 'hashbang'. For further explanation about the hashbang symbol, see below.
    3: This is the name of the page you are on.
    4: This is the Page ID and indicates the actual address of the page on the server. The Page ID cannot be changed as it tells the browser (and search engines) where to fetch the content from.

    Important Note: When sharing links to your site, please make sure that you use the full link including the Page ID. Removing the Page ID when sharing a link will lead your visitor to an invalid page.

  • The Hashbang Symbol

    The # signifies a 'hash fragment' and is the convention being used today to link to content when using AJAX technology (similar to anchors in HTML).

    The ! specifies the escaped fragment, which is what allows search engines to understand where the content in your site is actually located.

    Because the content on your site is being rendered via AJAX technology, your page isn't 'reloading' which means that when you switch pages, your header, background and footer all stay in place. The content actually does exist on the server- but at another address. In order for the search engines (and browsers) to find this address, the ! is used as the 'escaped fragment', which tells the search engines where to find your content

    The symbol / which appears after the page name in the URL specifies the actual address of the page on the server.

    You can learn more about AJAX technology here.