• Overview

    Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your site. Customize your video player from the Video settings window.

  • Adding a Video

    Add a video to your site by typing or pasting a YouTube or Vimeo URL into the Video settings window.

    To add a video:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus sign to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Media.
    3. From Media, click Video.
    4. From Video, under Video URL, type or paste the URL of your video.

    5. Click Update.
    6. Click outside of the video to close the Video settings window.

    A video is added to your site.

    To return to Add, click Back to Add from the top of the Media window.
    To close Add, click X from the top right.

  • Customizing Your Video

    Customize your video by clicking on it and updating your settings in the Video settings window.

    To customize your video:

    1. Click the video.
    2. From the Video settings window, change your Video URL, choose to show or hide the player controls, and checkmark the box next to the relevant customization options: Autoplay, Loop, Show title bar and Light control bar.

    3. Click outside of the video to close the Video settings window.

    Your video is customized.

  • Video Options

    Once you have added a video to your site, customize it from the Video settings window:

    Video URL – the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video that you have uploaded.
    Control Bar – show or hide the video player controls.
    Autoplay – set the video to play automatically when a visitor opens the page.
    Loop – set the video to repeat continuously.
    Show title bar – display the title of the video.
    Light control bar – display the video player controls in a lighter color.

    Note that Apple blocks autoplay on iOS devices (i.e., iPhones and iPads). Excerpt from Safari Developer Library: "In Safari on iOS (for all devices, including iPad), when the user is on a cellular network they may be charged per data unit, preload and autoplay are disabled. No data is loaded until the user initiates it."