• Overview

    Share your SoundCloud music on your site and customize your SoundCloud player from the SoundCloud Settings window. For more information about SoundCloud, click here.

    Note: To add a SoundCloud Playlist, click here.

  • Adding SoundCloud Audio

    Add your SoundCloud music to your site by adding your SoundCloud embed code to the SoundCloud Settings window.

    To add the SoundCloud:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus sign to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Media.
    3. From Media, click SoundCloud Audio.
    4. From SoundCloud, under Embed Code, paste the SoundCloud embed code.
    To get the SoundCloud embed code for your track, sign into your SoundCloud Audio account and from the bottom of the music player or track, click Share. From the window that opens, click Embed to see and copy the embed code. For more information about SoundCloud, visit their site here.

    5. Click Update.
    6. Click outside of SoundCloud to close SoundCloud Settings.

    Your SoundCloud music is added to your site.

    To return to Add, click Back to Add from the top of the Media window.
    To close Add, click X from the top right.

  • Customizing Your SoundCloud Player

    Customize your SoundCloud player by clicking on it and updating your settings in the SoundCloud settings window.

    To customize your SoundCloud player:

    1. Click the SoundCloud player.
    2. From the SoundCloud settings window, checkmark the box next to the relevant customization options: Show image and Autoplay.

    3. Click outside of the player to close the SoundCloud Settings.

    Your SoundCloud Audio player is customized.

  • Playing Continuous Music on Your Site

    You can set the SoundCloud player to play music on more than just one page so that a visitor can continue to listen to your music while navigating throughout your site 

    To play continuous music on your site:

    1. Double-click your SoundCloud player to select it.
    2. From SoundCloud, checkmark the box next to Show on all pages.

    Your SoundCloud player is set to play continuously.

    Playing your music continuously is not the same as looping your music. Once the music in your player ends, it will not restart automatically. Currently the SoundCloud Audio player does not support looping.