• Overview

    Add the Yelp! app to your site to display your Yelp ratings and reviews directly on your site!

  • Adding Yelp!

    To add Yelp!:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the market icon to open Wix App Market.
    2. From Wix App Market, click Yelp!.

    3. From Yelp!, click Add to site.

    Yelp! is added to your page.

  • Connecting Your Yelp! Profile to Your Site

    To connect your Yelp! profile to your site:

    1. From the Editor, click on the Yelp! app to select it.
    2. Click App Settings.
    3. Click Connect to Yelp.

    4. Under Enter your Yelp profile URL, type or paste the URL of your Yelp profile. Click Connect.

    Your Yelp! profile is connected to your site.

    To disconnect your Yelp profile from your site, click Disconnect.

  • Customizing Your Yelp! App

    To customize your Yelp! app:

    1. From the Editor, click the Yelp! app to select it.
    2. Click App Settings.
    3. Under Settings, next to Ratings size, click Small, Medium or Large.

    4. Checkmark the box next to Show reviews to show your reviews in your app. 
    5. Under Colors, customize the colors of your Yelp! app.

    Your Yelp! app is customized.